Green River Farms is located in the Berkshire Mountains and consists of over 250 acres of land in five parcels. Known for its picturesque views, it if often used by artists and photographers.

Here's an aerial view of the five parcels that make up Green River Farm. Let's start your virtual tour by exploring Parcel A, the main area of the farm. PARCEL A Six acres of land located north of Green River Road, south of the Green River and west of Parcel B. This parcel contains the main buildings and structures of the farm: The Farm Store, Three Greenhouses, Children's Playground, Dairy Barn/Petting Zoo, Horse Barn, Main Outbuilding with Apple Cidery and the Farmhouse. View of the playground, The Farm Store
and Dairy Barn/Petting Zoo.

A staple in the community, the farm store offers 1500 SF of retail space and includes coolers and freezers, display cases for produce and an outdoor prep area perfect for serving ice cream or other seasonal treats.

The farm store is located in the main outbuilding.
The outbuilding also contains additional office space,
storage, a prep kitchen, commercial coolers and freezers
and a licensed apple cidery.
In the rear of the main outbuilding is the apple cidery. Green River Farm fresh apple cider has a well established reputation in the Williamstown community. The cidery is fully inspected and licensed for retail sales. Adjacent to the Farm Store and the main outbuilding are three greenhouses including a 4600 unit hydroponic greenhouse. In the center of the property is an enormous playground. Built in 2009, the playground is a place for families in the community to bring their children to play daily.

Across from the playground is the Dairy Barn. Recently converted to a petting zoo, it has ample space for cows, cattle and other small farm animals.

The petting zoo has multiple stalls, a large hay loft and a separate educational room for gatherings or children's parties. Next to the Dairy Barn is a state of the art 10 stall horse barn with a tack room, hay loft and rear access to the horse paddocks. At the back of the farm alongside the Green River is
a two story, two bedroom traditional farmhouse.
With a focus on natural materials and cooking spaces that can accommodate large meals, this farmer's kitchen includes slate countertops, natural wood floors, a large farmer's sink and coffee bar area. The kitchen also houses an antique style 6 burner gas stove and baker's area. Across from the kitchen is an open concept dining area. Adjacent to the dining area is the first floor laundry and guest bathroom. The spacious living room on the left side of the house
has picturesque views of the horse pasture and fields.
Enjoy a cozy fire by the cast iron wood stove located in the corner of the living room. As you make your way upstairs, the second floor landing has built in bookcases and space to make a great reading nook or office area. Located to the left of the landing is the guest bedroom with ample
closet space and views of the horse paddocks and rolling hills.
To the right of the landing area is the master bedroom with a large walk-in closet and master bathroom. The master bedroom also includes a small, quiet sitting area that overlooks the Green River. The master bath includes a jacuzzi tub and stand up shower. Additional pictures of the master bathroom. The farmhouse also has a large front porch and back deck that overlooks the Green River. PARCEL B Parcel B is comprised of 100 acres of land bordered north by the Green River Road and abutting the east 6 acres of Parcel A. Parcel B offers the best views of the property. It's grazing pastures
and fields are perfect for row and perennial crops. It also includes a small pond.
Known for its spectacular views, the height of the southern parcel is perfect for special events and weddings. Atop of the southern parcel is also a large screened in gazebo. The gazebo is great for family gatherings or just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. At the bottom of the southern parcel, cuts the Green River.
It offers an ample water supply for the animals grazing
the property.
PARCEL C Parcel C is comprised of 100 acres of land and is located across from Parcel A. It is bordered on the south by Green River Road and East by Rt. 7. Parcel C is home to a 16 acre orchard with several varieties of apples and 4600 trees. Next to the orchard is a playground that
includes a Dollhouse and Ship.
Parcel C also has plenty of land for row crops and grazing
and has 300 blueberry bushes located on the western side.
PARCEL D Parcel D is a 50 acre parcel of land with amazing views and is an idealistic homesite. It is located across from Parcel C and is bordered on the west by Rt. 7. PARCEL E Parcel E contains the Store At Five Corners and is located at the intersection of Green River Road, Cold Spring Road (Rt 7), New Ashford Road and Hancock Rd. The Store at Five Corners is on the western most part
of the property. Built in 1762, the Store has a rich
history in the Williamstown community serving as
a local tavern and meeting space during the
American Revolution.
In its most recent reiteration, it was a cafe, bakery and catering business. The Store at Five Corners has a commercial kitchen and bakery, retail freezer and cooler space and second floor offices.

Green River Farm offers a unique adventure. Simple, safe living with agricultural and retail opportunities a plenty, Green River Farm is waiting for you.

Huge Farmland and Cozy Ranch Houses With Picturesque Views

Farm Details

  • 250 acres, five parcels of land
  • Parcel A: 6 acres
    • Farm Store
    • Playground
    • Three Greenhouses
    • Apple Cidery
    • Dairy Barn/Petting Zoo
    • 10 Stall Horse Barn
    • 2 Bedroom Farm House
  • Parcel B: 100 acres
    • Grazing and Crop Land
    • Pond
    • Gazebo
  • Parcel C: 100 acres
    • 16 acre Apple Orchard
    • 300 Blueberry Bushes
    • Dollhouse/Ship Playground
    • Grazing and Crop Land
  • Parcel D: 50 acres
    • Opportunity for Home site
    • Grazing and Crop Land
  • Parcel E: Store at Five Corners
    • 2 story historic retail space

Farm House

  • 2 Story, 2 Bedroom
  • Mudroom
  • Farmer's Kitchen
  • First Floor Laundry/Guest Bath
  • Master Bedroom
  • Master Bath w/ Jacuzzi and Bidet

Retail Spaces

Store At Five Corners

  • 2 story Retail Store
  • 2000 SF Retail Space
  • Inside/Outside Dining Space
  • Commercial Kitchen & Bakery
  • 2nd Floor Office & Storage

Farm Store

  • 1500 SF Retail Space
  • 3 Commercial Coolers
  • Commercial Freezer
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Retail Coolers and Freezers

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