What We Offer

  1. Financial support - offset cash flow shortfalls/support business expansion. 
  2. Supply/Marketing chain support/Value addition
    • Our Partners can deliver their products to the farm for storage in freezers, coolers, and for sale in our farm store.
    • Our Farmer Collaborative Partners have the opportunity for their products to be sold online and their customers will be invited to pick them up at our farm store. The GRF Store is outfitted with the most recent best practices to protect employees and customers. 
  3. Collaborative partnership support - access to land, equipment, and facilities - outlined in the appendix at the end of this communication.


The Store at Five Corners is a historic building, built in 1770, and has a long history as a gathering point for the Williamstown community. It was a tavern and public house during the American revolution. In its most recent iteration, the store served as an upscale market/cafe complete with commercial prep kitchen and state of the art bakery, offices, indoor and outdoor seating as well as a robust catering business. The store adjoins the farm and is under common ownership with the farm.

A playground located in the backyard of the Store at Five corners and is close to our farm’s retail store. Picnic tables with umbrellas are spread around the lawn. A second playground, completely fenced in, is located adjacent to the apple orchard, has compelling views, a doll house, and a play structure in the form of a ship along with swings. Picnic tables make for convenient sitting and snacking.

Green River Farm consists of around 250 acres of farmland, some of which is suitable for row crops or other intensive cultivation, some, due to slope or proximity to the river, are best suited to grazing and perennial cropping systems.

We have three greenhouses. #1 houses a Vertigrow hydroponic system capable of growing over 4,200 plants per crop cycle. The Vertigrow system was on display at Walt Disney’s EPCOT Center for the past 19 years. #2 and #3 have historically been used as part of a seasonal nursery business.

Our horse barn Contains 10 state of the art stalls, some with access to outside paddocks, a tack room served with hot an cold, and office, and a second floor hayloft, water integrated hay storage.

Our retail store has freezers, refrigeration and display cases for produce, meats and groceries. The building contains a commercial kitchen, separate food preparation area, cooled meat storage; preparation locker, large freezer, (we are in the process of installing a flash freezing system which will increase the quality and shelf life of produce and meats), larger apple storage facility, two offices, plenty of storage areas, and cider production facility using a UV light instead of pasteurization.

We have made and bottled cider from our 4,600-tree orchard with capacity to produce up to 100 gallons of juice per hour. Our plan calls for adding cider vinegar, hard cider, and apple brandy.

We have 3 acres of blueberries which have only been treated with coffee ground from the Store at Five Corners to provide need acidic levels in the soil.

Our dairy barn was most recently set up as a “petting farm” with stalls and pens. One room is used for children’s parties, recreation and education. The building includes a tool shed, storage rooms and a large hay loft.

The farm has permanent paddocks in locations around the farm.